Lead generation

09.11.20 01:54 PM By nigel

Converting Leads

Businesses need to buy and sell like Amazon, to nurture prospects with highly personalized, content that helps you convert prospects into delighted customers. Modern Marketing leverages data and powerful market intelligence to read a prospective buyer’s digital body language to determine where they are in the buying process.

Modern Marketing is all about the customer and treating your customers like trusted friends. Customers now expect more than personal engagement, they also demand engagement at the right time, on the right device and with the right message. They also expect a true, integrated cross channel experience.

L2RM Lead to Revenue Marketing

Most companies operate with an “on and off” strategy that does not align with a modern customers expectations and therefore, will deliver a lower marketing ROI on your marketing investment.

Modern Marketing is “always on,” a process that reads a buyers digital body language so you can nurture each customer along the buyers journey and across multiple touch-points. Customer Connect leverages the successful Lead to Revenue Marketing (L2RM) process to optimize each customers lifetime dollar value and builds your business valuable brand advocates.


The goal in L2RM is not to manage hundreds or thousands of “leads” through a process of serial attrition until dozens or hundreds of deals emerge. The goal is to manage each single lead to maximize the chance of a successful revenue event; and then repeat that process hundreds or thousands of times.

Through a series of coordinated marketing and sales efforts, each potential customers level of engagement escalates from awareness to interest, to consideration, to commitment, and perhaps to advocacy as illustrated by the lead-to-revenue escalator graphic.

Today’s digitally active and socially connected buyers demand consistent, seamless, and seemingly sentient engagement across multiple online, offline, digital and social channels.

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