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09.11.20 02:00 PM By nigel

Experience Hyper Local Advertising

Are you looking for new, local highly motivated customers who are interested or actively looking for your product or service? What if they are within a short distance of your store or business, say at your local café? How do you connect or reach them?

By targeting only interested, local consumers using hyper local targeting we can encourage them with a relevant local offer or encourage them to click the advert to call you immediately from their phone (click to call).

Hyper-local targeting for retail businesses are profound. 94% of mobile users have looked for local info and 84% have taken action as a result. Hyperlocal marketing is a form of super targeted and niche marketing and moreover, businesses don’t have to worry about spending money on national ad campaigns just to induce incoming traffic reducing ad spend and improving ROI.
Hyperlocal marketing can even be focused on one block, targeted, and localized and your business can find customers at the right place and the right time for your business.


  • Of smartphone users who searched for local info, 65% visited the business they looked up, 47% looked it up on a map or got directions.
  • If you want to discuss how hyper local advertising can help you, please contact our team.