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01.09.19 10:41 AM By nigel

Our Rate Card

Our Management Fees

With every project we will provide you with: 
- a comprehensive proposal and breakdown of all our fees.
- or an ongoing monthly retainer fee.

Our project rate card fees
 Project Duration Project (1-6 Months) Monthly management (12 month contract) 18+ months contract
 2-5 days per month £800 per day  £775 per day  £700 per day
 6-10 days per month £775 per day  £750 per day  £675 per day
 11+ days per month £750 per day  £725 per day  £650 per day
Note: additional fees are not included which include:
- strategy fee of £800 per day or £100 per hour will be levied  for any media, digital or technology planning 
- video or photography production
- technology licensing .
For media placement we charge a percentage of ad spend to cover media optimization and management.

Our helpful pre-paid support fees

If you require a shorter amount of support work; then our pre-paid hours are the best solution for your business.  Simply decide how many pre-paid support hours you require and over what duration. You can also use your pre-paid hours across all our DevOps, project management or strategic planning services (minimum 6 hours pre-paid).
 Pre paid support package6 hours pre paid 15 hours pre paid 25 hours pre paid 50 hours pre paid
Hourly rate £100 per hour  £90 per hour  £80 per hour  £75 per hour
 Total contract spend  £900  £1,875  £2,500  £3,750
 Valid for30 days  30 days  90 days  180 days
Ad Spend

In most cases, clients have already set-up their own payments with Google, Bing, Facebook etc. To cover our media management costs we leverage a 15% media fee based on your total ad spend.

Third-party costs

We will provide a quote and get an agreement from you for any additional 3rd party costs which includes a management fee of 25%. This includes licensing, video or photography production and technology licensing. All travel, accommodation and subsistence will be charged to the client at cost.

For more detailed information, please read our Terms & Conditions

To schedule a meeting to discuss your next project or purchase your pre-paid support hours: schedule a meeting now (online calendar).