The Star Club

25.07.21 03:36 PM By nigel

Star Entertainment Group loyalty evolution

NGM were brought in to revitalize The Star Entertainment Groups loyalty program and develop the brand and resorts into Australia’s premier go to gaming destinations as part of their reset to ready the Group for the next stage of its growth and development.

NGM provided The Star with:

  • A strategic business review which included full market and competitor analysis.
  • Industry trends and how The Star could leverage opportunity.
  • New and innovative solutions to optimize customer lifecycle across a new segmentation matrix.
  • New Ai adtech was brought in to provide personalization and an always on experience.
  • NGM provided BI to help The Star Resorts reduce churn and used predictive analysis to optimize each individual customer and their experience.
  • A multilingual content strategy was developed to serve a diverse audience across the Asia Pacific region. We used Ai to deliver personalized content and messaging.

The Stars marketing changed completely; events were live streamed across digital outdoor screens in metro locations near each resort teasing local consumers to “drop in and share the experience.” Social and live stream channels were used to excite and interact.

The program helped propel The Star Entertainment Group to become the premier gaming destinations’ in Australia and helped deliver constant revenue growth of 7% year-over-year. Profits grew by 33.7% and the loyalty program managed 1,743,698 domestic and 76,927 international clients underpinning market share gains across both slots and tables. Domestic Private Gaming Rooms revenue increased by 12.4% during 2019/20 and VIP customers rose 10% to record levels.