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Delivering 34,000 new subscribers in one month

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WeGather is a global online platform where experts and enthusiasts can lead discussions on topics that matter to their community, and earn an income for providing that expertise and content. Discussion leaders can earn through tips and donations from their followers/audience and by hosting pay-to-access discussions. Discussion leaders are brought together in Communities (e.g. Fitness, Business, Relationships, etc), so it’s easy for users to find experts in that field and all their discussions in one place.

Client project objectives

Build a new social tech start-up and build a target database of 17,000 new registered subscribers so the directors could raise their second tranche through Seedrs.

Client solution

New Media developed a strategy and campaign that used click-bait content across social media to encourage discussion and topic interest. Our challenge to deliver 17,000 new subscribers was compounded by Google Spaces, a rival product which started one month earlier and with access to the resources and funding of a media giant.

Project results

New Media delivered in just one month more than 34,000 new subscribers through our click-bait media campaign for a media investment of only $27,000.a CPA of 0.79. WeGather raising was oversubscribed by $500,000.

WeGather APP

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