Optimizing your sales pipeline

14.10.21 12:16 PM By nigel

How our pipeline modelling simulator works

Increase your sales by up to 40%

New Global Media uses powerful modeling to quickly simulate the potential profit of any sales or marketing funnel or business idea before you create web pages or buy traffic, which saves you time & money before you commit valuable resources to build web assets or buy media.


Every business wants to understand how to optimize their digital, media, and sales pipelines to deliver the best ROI for every dollar you spend. Our powerful logic engine and experienced strategists will work with your business (teams) to optimize every process, customer journey, and optimizing ROI, ROAS, and conversion helping C-Suite make informed decisions.

Use Hypothetical Or Actual Data

New Global Media will model hypothetical funnel data or actual data from an existing funnel or business to deliver accurate insights to help your business grow.

Simulate traffic

Our models simulate traffic campaigns and how they will affect your profit and ROI before you invest in web engineering or pay for media placement. 
We can build models leveraging all traffic sources:

- Google ads
- Bing ads
- Social ads
- Affiliates
- Email campaigns
Add traffic sources

Map your funnel

New Global Media will simulate your next marketing idea, campaign, product launch, webinar flow, or customer journey into an interactive funnel map to explore and test new ideas to optimize your profit and results.

Our intuitive mapping delivers key numbers broken down by monthly & yearly totals; revenue, profit, traffic volume & costs, and leads. Other key metrics include EPC, LTV, CPA, CPL, CPC, and much more.
Simulate traffic

What is your dream profit goal?

Dream Profit Goal
What is your profit goal for the financial year? How do you achieve your business goal and what are the investment metrics needed to reach your target? Our business modeling reverse engineers your entire project to break down what sales you will need per day, what investment, and what traffic you will need to achieve your dream profit goal.

If you are looking for a partner to help you increase your revenues by up to 40%, then let's talk.