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17.06.23 08:47 AM By nigel

Improving compliance & productivity for Essential Energy

Wine Australia is an Australian Federal Government statutory corporation that promotes and regulates the Australian wine industry. Wine Australia helps foster and encourage profitable, resilient and sustainable Australian wine grape and wine businesses by investing in Research and Innovation, building markets, disseminating market information and knowledge, encouraging adoption and ensuring compliance through our regulatory functions.

Client project objectives

Enable wine growers to connect with mature and emerging markets to communicate the personality of their wines and expand Australian exports. 

Client solution

A new global strategy was developed which created a new digital conduit to connect growers with existing and new emerging markets. New global wholesalers and customers can now access growers to help them select and purchase Australian Wine direct from growers and the cellar door. 

Australian growers can now exploit new opportunities and reach the right wholesale and distribution networks to help them lower costs and sell more Australian Wine to new and existing markets.

Project results

Our new strategy helped Australia’s wine industry expand at a compound annual growth rate of 6.4% (CAGR) and opened up new emerging markets such as China where Australian Wine exports grew to A$1.2 billion. China now accounts for over 40% of wine exports.

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