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We create cutting-edge digital products & unforgettable customer experiences

We combine technology, design and product thinking to help your business compete in the digital age

Design & Delivery

We design and build innovative custom and turnkey products that deliver digital excellence.

Product Engineering

We deliver a low-cost high-value scalable DevOps team to engineer new products for banking, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and government.

Smarter Products

To stay competitive your business needs to reduce costs and improve productivity through leveraging emerging tech and building smarter products.


Using Biometric programmatic targeting to increase sales

Biometric marketing delivers programmatic marketing for B2C retailers and B2B businesses helping you target the right customer with the right message or product, delivering them a personal and relevant shopper experience.

Biometric marketing delivers vital customer analytics on their identity (a unique ID number), their purchasing patterns, and their age and gender to increase sales. One of our fast-food customers experienced a 34% increase in sales.

Biometric targeting

Developing a new product for Citigroup

A customer success story

Banking one third of Asia's billionaires

New Media developed a new customer intelligence platform to nurture and onboard high-net-worth customers for Citi’s Global Consumer Bank (GCB), one of the world’s leading digital banks that serves more than 100 million customers in 19 markets worldwide.

Our platform solution helped Citibank Global Wealth become the leading Asia Pacific wealth manager with more than US$300 billion AUMs and banking one-third of the region’s billionaires.
Case Study