Continuously adapt to future-proof your business

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Technology Modernisation

Enterprise IT must continuously adapt to future-proof your business. We will help you identify the right technologies to deliver better products, improve customer experiences, reduce costs and help your business thrive. Our three steps to IT transformation:

Technology Improvement

Evaluate the digital maturity of your business and its digital culture through a Digital Maturity Assessment to identify improvement, strategy and transformation.

Strategic planning

New technology strategy and execution plan…Move your enterprise from monoliths to platforms, projects to products

Delivery programme

DevOps reduce time to market and optimise return on investment


The fourth industrial revolution

Are you looking for a single platform that delivers intelligence, automation, and product across Field Service Management, ERP and EAM? Due to increasing interconnectivity and innovative automation businesses need to leverage the opportunities that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring. Examples of Industry 4.0-related technologies that are becoming more prominent on factory floors include:

  • Smart & Connected Manufacturing
  • Smart Factories
  • Cloud & Cognitive Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence

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Application of new Oracle technology for Vertiv

A customer success story

Oracle ERP, OSC, CPQ, PRM integration

Nigel developed a new global strategy and digital conduit for the Australian Wine industry that was so successful it helped the Australian wine industry expand at a compound annual growth rate of 6.4% (CAGR).

This new strategy opened up new emerging markets such as China where Australian Wine exports grew to A$1.2 billion. China now accounts for over 40% of wine exports.

Case Study