Virgin Atlantic

09.11.20 10:42 AM By nigel

Virgin tries Facial Recognition Marketing

If you are running a business that focuses on B2B then facial access control targeting is an ideal solution. It can deliver a personal and relevant consumer experience that enhances a customer experience and encourages cross & up-sell. Just imagine a scenario; you are an airline targeting the lucrative business traveler market, frequent business flyer’s like Jodi…


Jodi walks up to an automated check in kiosk and Retail Connect identifies Jodi, a returning frequent business flyer and displays a personal welcome message. Retail Connect then asks her to confirm her preferential seating options, which reduces her check in time by 75%. Before Jodi confirms her selection an option to book into an airline partner hotel pops up on the screen and she reserves a room with just one click.

On arrival at the airline Business Lounge Jodi is greeted and offered her preferential drink, snack and newspaper on arrival. As she enters the lounge the digital signage automatically plays content showing fantastic local Miami experiences and the facilities at the local partner hotel she will be staying at.

“A hugely innovative & brilliant business that delivers opportunity & helps us deliver an even better customer service” Richard Branson.             

Later and after her arrival in Miami she is sent an email thanking her for her valued custom and asking if there is anything else the airline can do for her.

When she arrives at the airline partner hotel in Miami she is automatically checked in and offered a full suite of options delivering the hotel & airline additional revenue from a content and happy customer, Jodi.

If you would like to discuss how Facial Recognition marketing can help your business please feel free to contact us.